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Fees and services

Item Type Weekly Rate
Single room ensuite Private * £1,300 – £1,400 (rates vary *)
Single room ensuite Adult Social Care/Old Age ‘Nursing’ £832.10 (from April 1st 2022)
Single room ensuite Adult Social Care/Old Age ‘Residential’ £719.50 (from April 1st 2022)

Please note that the above fee rates include your care, accommodation, meals, and laundry (except dry cleaning). Extras available are listed below.

Shared rooms are available and there will be a reduction for shared room occupancy.

* Fee rates for private residents will be quoted prior to admission, and may vary according to the dependency level of the resident being admitted and a subsequent assessment and the room occupied. The fee rate may also vary in 2022 due to “exceptional” increased fuel costs.


Service Cost Description
Hairdressing: £16.00 cut
£15.00 set
£15.00 blow dry
£24.00 cut and set
£24.00 cut and blow dry
£48.00 perm
£8.50 gents clipper cuts
£8.50 gents haircuts
Newspapers: at cost direct from supplier
Shopping Trolley: at cost direct from supplier
Dry Cleaning: at cost direct from supplier

In the absence of free provision by the NHS, the following may also be provided. You will be charged direct by the practitioner and you are under no obligation to use their services. You can arrange a visit by the practitioner of your choice or a member of staff will arrange a visit on your behalf.

Service Cost Description
Chiropody: £30.00 per visit includes basic treatment but not creams /lotion/ additional treatments.
Optician: cost of treatment only visit by arrangement
Transportation and staff escorts to and from medical appointments: mileage rate of 55p per mile with £12.14 per hour for a care staff escort and £23.50 per hour for a nurse escort.

Telephone installation, line rental and call charges are the responsibility of the resident.

Funding Routes Accepted by ISLE VIEW CARE HOME – AKAM CARE LTD

The following funding routes for new residents are accepted by Isle View Care Home:

Route 1 (self determined route) where individuals either decide not to apply for personal and/or nursing care payments, or where they were assessed as not being eligible, in which situation, the resident would enter into a contractual arrangement privately and independently with the provider agency.
Route 2 (the mutual route) where individuals had been assessed as being eligible for payments but wished to have a direct contractual arrangement with the provider agency for the non-personal or nursing element of their care. This route would require two contracts i.e. a contract between the resident and the care home for the accommodation costs of his/her care and a contract between the Council and the care home in relation to the payment of the free personal care element.

We do not accept self-funding residents under National Contract (Route 3).

Self-funding Residents

Self-funding residents who run out of their own funding and become council-funded will retain where possible their room. However, if the fee rate provided by the council is lower than the fee rate agreed under self-funding and they are in a larger room, we retain the right to request that the resident move to a smaller room. The resident and/or their family or representative will be consulted about any room change.

Please note that from April 2007 a National Quality Scheme for Care Homes is being phased in across Scotland. What this means is that the standard charges that Councils pay Care Homes may vary depending on the quality of the service provided. If this happens we will advise you – this is unlikely to affect the charge you pay unless you are a self-funder.

Support Services

Support services can be provided to those living in the community and to tenants of the sheltered housing in the grounds.

Mileage Excluding first 5 miles £0.55 per mile