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Living at Isle View

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We are here to help our residents maintain their independence for as long as possible. We encourage and assist our residents to go outside and enjoy the fresh air and gardens and to maintain old interests and hopefully develop new ones. In our experience social isolation and a lack of meaningful activity can be a precursor to more rapid deterioration in many health conditions and particularly for people living with a dementia type illness.

We have an activity coordinator who plans, organises and ensures the delivery of meaningful activities and events for all our residents. They work with residents in small or large groups and on a one to one basis. We have many visiting musicians who come in weekly to entertain our residents and more unusual activities taking place such as visits from the local falconry centre complete with the falcons and also talks delivered by our local museums. Local school children are encouraged to come into the home and chat with or sing to our residents. We offer a wide range of arts and craft activities as well as exercise classes.  Every social event on the annual calendar is celebrated including fireworks displays in November, Halloween, Christmas and Easter and there is rarely a week goes by where somebody doesn’t have a birthday! The local community are very active in the support of our work at Isle View and we also have volunteers who pop in for a chat with our residents. The local stables also bring their horses right up to the home for residents to stroke and feed with polo mints and we have a professional visiting pet therapy dog, …who we suspect only comes for the free biscuits!

Residents are encouraged and supported to participate as much as they are able and regular residents and relatives meetings are held to secure feedback on all topics relating to life at the home. In 2018 we introduced a new chicken coop and hens for our residents interest. Feeding chickens and egg collection has been high on the agenda and a great success. We will monitor the progress of this project and possibly develop things further (stay tuned for sheep ?!).

A professionally equipped kitchen provides excellent nutritionally balanced food, with seasonal vegetables, herbs and salads coming from our own garden. Where possible fresh ingredients are locally sourced and our chefs pride themselves on their home baking which is served each and every day. There is always a wide choice of starter, main course and pudding and residents may take their meals in their own rooms if they wish. Tea, coffee, cake and biscuits are served throughout the day. A selection of juices and squash is also available through the day and offered frequently to promote good hydration in our residents. Cooked breakfasts are served as required or requested and most dietary preferences can be met.

We are highly experienced at catering for special dietary needs and prepare and serve food in a variety of ways to meet the needs of every individual. One of our trained nurses is also our Nutrition Champion. He carefully assesses the nutritional needs of each resident and has close links with the dietician services. At Isle View we are passionate about providing a high standard of nutritional care as it is well documented and evidenced that poor nutritional intake can have serious health implications for the elderly. We also recognise that for many residents the meal time experience is an important part of their day and routine and we endeavour to recreate the very nice restaurant feeling at every mealtime.

We have visiting dentists and opticians, chiropody, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hairdressing and other similar services to ensure the well-being and comfort of our residents. In addition to attending to care needs, our staff will ensure that our residents’ personal clothing is washed, ironed and mended as necessary; all laundry is done in the home.

If a resident wishes to attend religious services, every assistance will be given. Visits from ministers of all denominations occur regularly.

Confidentiality, respect and privacy are key words in our approach to nursing care. Registered Nurses are on duty 24 hours a day, providing the highest standards of professional care.

In the interest of health and well-being, a no-smoking policy exists throughout the home. If necessary, a resident will be able to request a visit from their GP just as before, or we can make the request on their behalf.